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White Mountain 2007 Preview

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White Mountain 2007 Preview
Submitted by capdog on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 - 14:21

Magna CartaMagna CartaLast year there was quite a bit of fanfare surrounding the first of the 'White Mountain Folk Festivals'. I hate to be the one who re-opens old wounds, but in this case I'm going to have to do my part and make a pre-emptive strike, so that when Lloyd Gedye writes another whining piece about how White Mountain is too white, there'll at least be a paper trail as defense. My plea goes like this:

If there are any black people out there listening, PLEASE do make an effort to come along. The 'white' in 'White Mountain' does not allude to any racial discrimination, I swear. Even though I've never been before, I can highly recommend many of the fantastic artists that will be performing and I'm sure you'll love them too.

Now that that's out of the way, there's the small matter of the clash with another prominent 'folk' festival, Southern Cross, which we attended last year. The news on that front is that the website has the 2006 line-up showing, and there hasn't been a peep of publicity on any of the circuits I've been frequenting, so I have to assume it's dead and buried.

It's a shame, but ultimately capitalism is the real winner here, chaps. Remember that.

The highlight of White Mountain this year is the English folk act Magna Carta, who according to the press release are back in South Africa for the first time in 30 years. Anyone know who they are? If you do, please enlighten the rest of us in a comment.

Other than that, here is a partial list of confirmed artists:

  • Tim Pepper
  • Baz Corden
  • Kathy Raven
  • Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters
  • Newcastle Musician’s Club
  • Clock-Struck June
  • Arlyn Culwick
  • Somebody’s Child
  • Celtis
  • Dan Patlansky
  • Southern Gypsey Queen
  • Shannon Hope
  • The Ryan Calder Band
  • Rowan Stuart
  • Laurie Levine
  • Roly Struckmeyer
  • Margaret’s Daughter
  • Habit To
  • Josie Field
  • Farryl Purkiss
  • Rory Eliot and The Reason
  • Sitter

The lineup is not as exciting as I'd prefer it to be, but I'm clearly in no position to comment because:

(1) I don't know half of these acts, and
(2) The term 'folk festival' conjours up images in my mind that closely resemble this:

I am assured however that there won't be any traditionally dressed Dutch people with accordions dancing in squares, and of course I do believe it. We're heading up in a big group of fun-loving animals so no amount of scepticism will be able to dampen our spirits.

Josie FieldJosie FieldI imagine the festival is not like Splashy Fen. It's mellow, and civilised, and there's even going to be indoor music at the restaurant and pub. Picture one of those cosy Berg getaways you and your family used to go to when you were a kid; add a whole lot of cool bands playing acoustic sets, and you have an idea of what I think White Mountain will be like.

There are no more spots left in the chalets or caravan park, but the camping is still available. The addition of brand new ablution blocks means that hot showers will not be only the crazy dreams of madmen, like at Splashy, but rather a twice-daily event. That's my kind of festival.

Tickets are:

  • R250 at Game stores in KZN
  • R300 at Computicket
  • R350 at the gate



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Subject:  My whining piece was not
Author:  lloyd (not verified)
Date:  26 September, 2007 - 16:09

My whining piece was not commenting on the fact that there were no white people at the festival, it was a comment on the lack of non-white musicians. With such a huge pool of traditional music [Read FOLK in the broader sense] in this country [especially in KZN] why where there a bunch of pop rock white bands playing acoustic sets. But I guess that went over your head

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