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Jamie's Solantis Spice Tour '98

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Jamie's Solantis Spice Tour '98
Submitted by capdog on Friday, February 23, 2007 - 09:04

Alcoholic ginger beer? Why, that's just crazy enough to work! Here are two more blast-from-the-past circa '98 flyers for your nostalgic enjoyment. Pretty random, but fun anyway.

This time it's Jamie's, the predecessor to Burn, and Solantis Spice. I mourn the day they discontinued Solantis; many a passionate drinker from my generation cut their teeth on this sweet ginger nectar!

Since I only went to Jamie's a handful of times, I'm in no position to claim this club. Thus, the floor is open. It's all yours. Go!

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Subject:  Outland[ish] nostalgia
kliktrak's picture
Author:  kliktrak
Date:  23 February, 2007 - 10:49

Dont recall this Jamie's

But some of my early experiences were at a club off Umbilo Road called "OUTLAND"

Really wicked decor inside, even the unisex bathroom was fully painted in neo-tribal designs, and then airbrushed dragons, warriors and fantasy scapes in the main club, also the massive fabric hanging on the one main wall of the dance floor, and the spiral mandala type painting on the dance floor itself

I remember the opening of the "Psychedelic Carnival" on thurs nights, playing the in sound of the UK Indie sound circa 1991/2, Stone Roses, the Farm, Inspiral Carpets, Primal Scream etc etc

It was an unlicenses BYOBooze place but they had a evil punch concotion for sale on the sly...good times...good times...


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Subject:  Jamies...hmmm...after
Author:  hedmekanik
Date:  23 February, 2007 - 12:17

Jamies...hmmm...after Gatsby's closed down Jamie came down from Murritzburra and opened his eponymously-named jol, which was deadly. Alternative, rawk, indie, deeeaaaatthhhhhhh meeeeerrttttaaaalll, all that. Lotsa people use to hand there, and it was, after all, the only alternative alternative.
Now, I may have some bias here because I was pretty much always in high spirits when I went there and I had some...pleasant experiences there, so my memories are rosy. Big jol, ultimately unable to escape the grittiness of the building that housed it, which was basically a solid triple storey old warehouse. I remember BOO! playing there and thinking to myself 'no way-there's like thirty people here and yet ten of them are stage diving...enthusiastic!'. They tried to bring dance music in when they opened up the top floor, and they had some good bigbeat evenings, and then, according to that utterly faultless rumour mill, The Grapevine, the story goes that in the mechanics shop on the bottom floor a pan of oil caught alight and -whoomp!- Jamies was no more. But fear not, o fully-grown children of the night, for that leads us to the next instalment of Uncle Hedmekanik's bedtime stories...the phoenix of Burn rises from Jamies' ashes...
Until then, it's goodnight folks, and remember:
Take care of yourselves. And each other.

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Subject:  Jamies - Oh claimer of braincells
biomech's picture
Author:  biomech
Date:  23 February, 2007 - 13:55

Yup, the 'kanik is not lying when he says that Jamies was a vibing posie. I remember going there around 98 and 99 and getting utterly klapped. The R3.50 beers during happy hour usually did the trick and if you could stand at the end of it, it was on the dancefloor where the classics were made. There were interesting times in the little side room off the main floor downstair where the legendary Jimmy 12" cut their live teeth. I actually saw a grainy home video of V (that 'ol death metal beaut) playing there with Dark Millenium (circa '99) the other day. Fark what a trip down memory lane. Always a solid option on a Wednesday and Friday night. If ony I could get all those braincells back...

'Big City Lies'

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Subject:  Correct me if Im wrong....
T.'s picture
Author:  T.
Date:  28 February, 2007 - 11:00

..but isnt Solantis back? not sure, but there was some promotion at Society the other night. Whatever it was, it was terrible!
On the Jamies subject...that place rocked!

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Subject:  Jamies was my first club...
Author:  Lisa
Date:  15 March, 2007 - 13:56

Jamies was my first club... well, the first club where i went cos i actually liked the music. I was pretty young, and I didn't really know anyone, but my parents would drop me there so I could go dance. Remember Subsonic, the indie nights? Sigh...

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