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Golf For Underground Techno DJ's

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Golf For Underground Techno DJ's
Submitted by kliktrak on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 07:10

Kliktrak says Fore...er Four-on-the-floor beatsKliktrak says Fore...er Four-on-the-floor beatsSo golf is for yuppie-scum only ? Cutting those big deals on the fairways ?

Where the real boardroom decisions are made ?

Hear about a company who retrenches a whole division, and maybe its more to do with the boss shooting triple bogeys, than based on sound financial reasons... well maybe...

So what of this golfing lark ? Well a couple of underground dj's and producers have being going undercover [of darkness, cause its after work and in the evenings...] to skill-up at the driving range, in preparation for this last weekend's, big 9 hole round, up in the midlands.


The campsite view - simply stunning

Firstly let me just punt the location – an awesome venue of note : Glengarry – on a tight budget well worth it, excellent facilities, well maintained, and a wide range of activities available. Or not, if chilling in crisp fresh country air surrounded by stunning natural beauty is your preference. Not to mention being in the middle of the Midlands Meander, and all the artsy crafty things to get up to…did someone say "cheese and rugs" ?

Maurice Young - takes clubbing to a new level...level parMaurice Young - takes clubbing to a new level...level parOk before this ends up sounding like a bad episode of Top Billing, and no this article is not sponsored by KZN Tourism…

I have long been sceptical of Golf, viewing it as part of the consumerist commercial capitalist sell out culture, and something that no self respecting underground electronica artist should ever contemplate !

That was until, fellow producer and DJ, ex-Netherlands homeboy, Maurice Young, introduced me 2 weeks ago, to a driving range, a nine iron and 5 balls sailing through the air later, and I was hooked. Just something about the minimal effort and seeing this small white sphere flying through the air, brings about a certain kind of satisfaction…

With 2 weeks driving range practice under our belts, the intrepid trio of Maurice Young, Dr K [electro-acoustic artist and producer] and Kliktrak headed up to the midlands to start small but play hard, on a 9 hole course.

The Fairway - yup its a fair way to go...The Fairway - yup its a fair way to go...[part of the motivation for trying our first proper round of golf so far out of our hometown, may have had to do with the need for anonymity , lets not say more than that]

What will go down as a "practice" and "warm up" round on the Saturday, was the perfect lead into a glorious round on Sunday morning. Weather was perfect, and stroke play flowed like we were seasoned pros…ok maybe not, but lets say it was a ton of fun, and proves that golf is for all.

In my short exposure to the game, I must say one can do well on a very tight budget, the tip to look for 2nd hand clubs at Cash Converters was a bonus, and there is no need to get a full set, just a few clubs to begin with.

Dr K - suave stroke playDr K - suave stroke play

The game itself, in terms of skill required and effort really isn't that arduous, and I found greatly beneficial for taking my mind off the hum-drum of the real world, providing a great excuse to get away, and take time off to chill, and yet be active at the same time, without the after affects of a serious workout.

So for all you skeptics out there, make up your own minds, well worth at least trying it out and having a swing or a putt !

For all those worried about underground street cred, who knows this may be the ultimate clubbing experience !

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Subject:  I suck at golf, and probably
capdog's picture
Author:  capdog
Date:  16 January, 2007 - 10:42

I suck at golf, and probably will not be getting any better in the foreseeable future! :)

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Subject:  Handicapped
Obi's picture
Author:  Obi
Date:  16 January, 2007 - 13:57

Doods, golf has to be the best invention yet. I have been playing solid now for about six months and have just been affilliated and will be getting my handicap soon. Very keen to play anyone anytime so holler at andrew@msimbithi.za.com to set up a game.

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” Nelson Mandela

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Subject:  Randychap!!
one track mike's picture
Author:  one track mike
Date:  17 January, 2007 - 12:53

Bru - the only affiliation i've heard connected with your name is that you shmaak a bunker shot - ball in hole style!
But if you hang around for enough time at the scone 'n crumpet fests after the jol, you may say you've 'affiliated' yourself with real golfers...

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Subject:  -> local squash
Author:  georgie
Date:  3 May, 2007 - 13:09

Calling local squash players

I`m looking for a squash club- a nice, sociable one with some decent players and maybe a league. Any recommendations? I live in Glenwood, and can`t seem to find anything nearby...

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